Sharing the potential of blockchain & crypto.

Nick’s workshop demystifies blockchain, conveys it’s potential, and enables attendees with a private key and a ĐApp browser. 

Why blockchain?

Why blockchain? Put simply, we’re outgrowing our trust in corporations. The world is growing weary of its intermediaries due to their inability to protect customer’s rights, lack of transparency and ulterior motives.

Blockchain-based tech is transparent, requires no intermediaries and enables us to collaborate in harmonious, emergent ways. Satoshi Nakamoto & Vitalik Buterin put the groundwork in place and developers around the world are maturing the open-source ecosystem as we speak.

A demonstration is in order!

A constructed buckyball will be used to reflect how the Ethereum network operates. The torsioned rods represent each node doing work in the network while the tensioned strings represent the distribution of results among adjacent nodes.

In contrast, a mobile sculpture will be used to reflect how the central banking system operates. The hang point represents the central bank’s ability to hold the system in place while the tensioned strings represent the flow of information to the center of each region – and then to each banking branch. 

With the help of a teammate, we will make a transaction on each network and demonstrate the flow of work in the respective sculptures. We can then reflect what a systems failure looks like by clipping strings, breaking rods and adding weights. Because of its distributed-ness, the buckyball can retain its tensile structure under great stress. In contrast, the mobile relies on a specific, delicate balance which is thrown under uncertain circumstances.


There are new apps being published every day that give users a simplified interface to the blockchain. However, some apps still choose to store funds and private keys in a centralized location.

Our team will guide attendees through setting up a secure wallet and ĐApp browser on their mobile devices. We’ll show how to get onto the test networks and what a faucet is. Each attendee will then get airdropped some of our novelty currency to experiment with.

We’ll also provide collateral for getting set up on a lap/desktop or using a hardware wallet. 

Send the turtles out to sea!

Once atendees have a wallet and a browser, the door has been opened wide. We’ll introduce exciting projects to check out and even take it another step and seek to develop long-term relationships with organizations and individuals seeking further integration.

Want your project to be one of the first things our attendees see?