Locus DAO

We go by “Locus” but we’re really just a group of friends that want to spread more good in the world. We’re open to partnerships & collabs with organizations, individuals and events of all types! Start a conversation here.

Meet the team

Nick Place

I’m Nick and I literally can’t stop talking about blockchain. I hope to convey the beauty of blockchain and its potential for building a more harmonious, symbiotic environment to as many people as possible. I was also lucky enough to hack in Ethereum’s Denver Hackathon in March 2018.

Michael Guidry

I’m Michael Guidry and I love music. It is the universal language. I’ve been watching and investing in Bitcoin and altcoins for several years now and now believe blockchain is increasingly making our financial system obsolete.

Timothy Redondo

I hope to bring my talent and love for networking to Locus. As a forward thinking music lover myself, I believe that blockchain has a giant potential of adoption at conscious gatherings and look forward to helping Locus target the right audience for the maximum impact.

Edward Cronin

Edward is a creative. He’s here to throw ideas at the board until something sticks. He believes that crypto eases societal gridlocks which we see reflected in the real world. Mr. Cronin hopes to share cryptocurrency’s potential and push it’s use in the right direction — a direction towards a truly free economy.