An opportunity to show half a million people at music & arts events your blockchain project.

Scroll down for sponsorship levels or learn more about the display.

1. A boulder

$4,098 • ~14″ hexagonal cell

Represent as a leader in the space with a boulder-shaped spot on our display. Room for infographics, pamphlets,  out there. We can also work with you to see how we can spotlight your project at the workshop.

2. A stone

$2,048 • ~9″ rectangle

Show off your project and give passerbys something to remember you by. A pocket can be sewn onto your space and kept stocked with stickers. Option to have us print your stickers at cost. Liaisons can also be briefed about your project.

3. A triangle

$1,024 • ~6″ triangle

Represent your project with your logo, name, website and a brief description. Option to design your own space within our guidelines.

4. The hive

$512 • 2″ hexagon

Represent your project using a hexagonal logo among a cohort of others in a hive-like formation.

Budget breakdown


Admittance fees


Installation (Including tactile sculpture)


Labor (Liaisons, administrative)


Art Licensing


Travel (Including gas and food)


Any questions?

This summer (2018) could be seen as our pilot debut. We’re already connecting with liaisons across the U.S. and Europe for next year’s tour. The Locus Alliance will grow into a Distributed Autonomous Community of blockchain stewards around the world. You can follow along on Facebook and Instagram.