Introducing the inviting, tactile “Solutions Display” made of art and science, taking unique shape & form at each event.


Given a rod and a rubber band, passerbys will construct what is known as a “tensegrity structure” to encourage relational thinking and to get our foot in the door. From there, they’ll be drawn to explore our display’s art, infographics and sponsors.

Call for artists!

Art is a language understood by all. We’re teaming up with artists and art collectives to fill our display with inspiring & connective art works. If you’re a like-minded artist and are interested in licensing your work, please use our contact form to reach out!

Collaboration over competition

This is an opportunity to show over 460,000 people in person, the real-world benefits and applications to decentralization. We want to represent as many inspiring projects working for the greater good as possible. Funded, non-funded, foundations, funds, apps, protocols, plugins, products, and more.