Introducing the inviting, tactile “Solutions Display” made of art and science, taking unique shape & form at each event.


Passerbys, drawn to our display to construct a collaborative sculpture, will be invited to explore the paradigm of decentralization through our display’s art, infographics and sponsors.

What’s more is that our roving liaisons will help newcomers download crypto wallets & browsers on their mobile devices, live and in-person. We’ll help them get into new coins, find tools to form DAOs, and direct them to pertinent DApps.

Collaboration over competition.

This is an opportunity to show half a million people the potential blockchain has to disrupt the way the world is run. We’re crowdfunding the display from like-minded organizations with accessable sponsorship levels (from $256 to $4098).

Empowerment through education

We know that middlemen and intermediaries are soon to be artifacts of the past, but we also know how difficult it can be to explain how blockchains work to the layman. By filling the display with aestheticly pleasing, meaningful inforgraphics, we can enable passerbys with an understanding of consensus-based networks and their potential for supercharging cooperation.

Using visionary art as a metaphor.

Art is a language understood by all. We’re licensing art from artists and collectives that reflect the spirit of transcendence, synergy and futurism. The background of this page, for example, is a piece licensed from @manoloide, a creative coder from Argentina. We believe that art disrupts old thinking patterns and that blockchain disrupts old ways of transacting.

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