Locus Alliance

Free from gatekeepers, for all.

We’re showing off blockchain solutions in-person to over 460,000 people this summer.

Seeking sponsors 

We’re a group of comrades who wish to de-throne intermediaries and gateskeepers by popularizing decentralized tech. We’re now inviting you to be on our solutions display, which we’re taking on the road on May 19th!

What else can we say?

To us, it’s vital to get decentralized tech into the right hands. Wherever vibrant, intelligent people are gathering is where we want to be . Through our hands-on displayworkshop, and your help, we hope enable a large group of people who believe in freedom and equality with the technology to co-create the future. Cheers! Salud! Decentralize!

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If you have the itch to steward in your neck of the woods, please drop a line or join our Riot.