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Stewarding a world without middlemen.

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The Locus Alliance is taking blockchain on the road in the name of freedomprivacy and  equal access on May 19th.

Meet the Solutions Display

A portal into the universe of blockchain.

We’ll be in attendance among 500,000 (or more) informed, open-minded people this summer. This tactile display is designed to captivate, educate and inform as many of them as possible. 

What’s more is that our liaisons will be hosting the display to help guide the downloading of software wallets and browsers on-site!

You can learn more or keep scrolling!

A sample from our (expanding) itinerary.


Date • Duration



Western Slope Solar Fair & Permaculture Expo

May 19h • 2 days


Summer Camp Music Festival

May 25th • 4 days


Denver Urban Market

Thu & Sat thru 10/20 • 15 days


Sonic Bloom Music Festival

June 14th • 4 days


Cherry Creek Arts Festival

July 1st • 3 days


Arise Music Festival

August 3rd • 3 days


Art in the Park

August 20th • 3 days



September 17th • ~5 days (non-consecutive)


Total Attendance

 500,000+ people! 

More events to be announced!

The more we raise, the further we’ll be able to take our display. We’re commited 100% to effectively stewarding blockchain at the most receptive gatherings. Our budget is transparent and our mission is clear: No more middlemen!

If you have the itch to steward in your neck of the woods, please drop us a line.